Monday, November 19, 2007

Dolphin Map is comming along...

DolphinMap just hit its first Milestone. The current version is able to:
  • Use a local file based repository
  • Import Packages (and/or additional files) into Bundles
  • Sign Bundles with Dolphin Sure certificates
  • Export Bundles to filesystem
  • Export Bundles as Zip
  • Manage Bundles (Update and Delete)

The next step is an online repository which will allow us to move/copy bundles between different repositories.

Although not yet complete I'm already using it on a daily basis for Zip File creation. You simply define once what's in a bundle (packages and additional files like icons and documentation) and then simply update bundles if anything changes. These bundles can then easily be exported to zip files.

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Zena said...

Great work.