Friday, March 28, 2008

Autocomplete with Images

My Autocomplete extensions are now part of the goodies package. What's new compared to the last version:

Survives Image Reload

This version deals with image exits/loads and (re-)creates the image cache if needed.

New functionalities

Different MessageSend icons depending on whether you are sending a "normal", private, public, deprecated or development system message.

New Images

  • : self

  • : super

  • : thisContext

  • : Class Variable

  • : Instance Variable

  • : Method Variable (Argument or temp)

  • : "Normal" method

  • : Public method

  • : Private method

  • : Deprecated method

  • : Development method

With this goodie it's more important than ever to use good looking class icons (see also Keep it candy) as they are not only shown in the Class Browser but in every Autocompletition menu as well :-)

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