Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ghoul for DST6

Sometime ago I patched Ghoul to be compatible with DST6 and wrote Chris about it. As it seems that Metagnostic is down and that there will be no further enhancements of Chris' goodies I decided to release it directly.

So here we have Ghoul again running under Dolphin DST6:

You can download the package here. Please note, that you still need a copy of Chris' goodies to have access to the documentation and more.


Anonymous said...

I don't get what is the value that Ghoul adds to dolphin. Can elaborate?



Udo Schneider said...

If Dolphin Smalltalk encounters an error it normally writes down an .ERRORS file. This file contains a stack dump together with the associated objects.

This is also the case for deployed apps!

Ghould opens these .ERRORS files and shows you the stack dump in a debugger like fashion. So you can browse through the stack/call chain and inspect the value of temp/ivars at this point.
So Ghoul is some kind of "post-mortem" debugger for Smalltalk.

Is is usefull especially for deployed apps where error hunting normally is only based on user feedback. With Ghoul you can ask the user to send over the ERRORS file and you can see exactly what happend.

I hope this helps.