Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Extended STS as Dolphin Smalltalk public source code repository

I just learned that David Gorisek extended STS for shared repository access. You basically keep your own local (shared) STS repository and publish certain Project Editions to the central repository.

This allows you (or a team) to keep your working repository separated from the shared one. If (and only then) a project edition is "stable" you can push it to the shared repository. That's really awesome.

I am working on something similar - although with a different focus: Some of my packages depend on external files (resources, dlls). So I'm concentrating on embedding these files as well - but Davids solution as one huge advantage: It's available and works today. I'm working with STS on daily basis and can't live w/o it. So go ahead and try it and publish your goodies. This will help the Dolphin community in general IMHO.

You can find all the glory details under This is an WikiDoc server with an additional STS layer. So you can push your stuff to it and also write WikiPages (i.e. with further instructions).

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Anonymous said...

Yes it's a great chance to make shine the collaboration spirit that is making work the open source model all around.